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Sports Photography

Sport photography has long been one of my specialties. As a professional sports photographer I have been on assignment for editorial purposes; from newspapers, major wire agencies and sports magazines. Sports photography assignments also exist for advertising purposes both for branding, as well as promoting a sport.

Studio Photography

The studio experience is a unique opportunity for people to be themselves. Occasionally I’ll come across someone that is a natural when the camera is focused on them, regardless my success is attributed to creating an environment where the subject is at ease.

Event Photography

Event photographer processes can be very different. The final images can be very entertaining as well as make for a variety of interesting photography. I look for people having a good time, clients never seem to get tired of photos with people smiling and enjoying themselves.

Marketing Photography

Markeing photography is very much about the attention to details. Fine details such as lighting and the position of the subject are critical elements as I set up for a marketing photo shoot. Selecting the best lighting modifier will identify the individual(s) and the direction of lighting highlights will keep the viewers interest in the final image.

Branding Photography

Branding photography techniques were used to highlight a very unique client product. Volvik is the #1 Color Golf Ball on Tour with 20 LPGA Tour players using Volvik’s highly visible golf balls.

Editorial Photographer

As an editorial photos I found the creative freedom that I have experienced when assigned to an editorial photo shoot is just one of the many perks that comes with being a photographer.

Commercial Photography

Commercial photography shoot that took place during the filming of a commercial starring Danica Patrick for Peak products.

Sports Conditioning Photography

Sports conditioning photography gallery displaying photos of athletes in preparation for their respective sports.