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Photographic Details

Photographic Details

Pay attention to details. Photographic details to be more precise. The vast majority of people I have met, never mind those I have photographed say that they do not like the way they look in photographs.

So, what to do once those words are spoken and they are sitting amongst your lighting set up in need of a head shot. To be redundant, pay attention to the details.

I look for the position of the subjects head,a little head tilt can work, watch their posture, avoid reflections in eye glasses, use caution to not blow out the highlights (this can happen with subjects wearing white) and of course genuine smiles. If the client like the look of a hair light, I like that look as well, just make sure it is applicable (like the subject has hair!)

I thoroughly enjoy when I take a series of head shots with a lot of smiles and the subject is pleasantly surprised as to how well the photos look.

The response often sounds like; “hey that’s not so bad” Why Thanks!